Land Investment has historically been the forte of large development companies, rich farmers or wealthy individuals. It can be a profitable business if proper development of land is undertaken.

Capital gains can easily be realized from land if investing in the right type of land at the right time. Bay International only introduces land that is already properly zoned for development, in strong growth areas within the GTA that have a high likelihood or have already achieved planning permission.

Land investment, while it may not produce instant gratification as a real estate or home purchase does, can be extremely lucrative in the long run if you do your homework and make the right investment. You see, compared to houses and commercial buildings, land is much trickier to value because its values varies greatly depending on what it can be used for. Historically, there is a formula to calculating expense vs profit, which was that 1/3 went to the cost of the land, 1/3 was the building cost, and another 1/3 was the cost of marketing, overheads along with your profits. Recently however, with the Toronto housing and condo market spiralling upwards along with high competition amongst developers, the profit margins have been reduced from time to time.

Bay International will help you avoid land investment pitfalls and put you on the path to greater returns from your investment. For more information, please fill out the form to the right and a Bay International representative will be in touch.

If properly researched beforehand, Investing in residential real estate can carry very low risk and produce big rewards. Bay International does the homework for you. We carefully research, plan and strategize before ever investing in a Toronto residential real estate project.

One of the biggest mistakes new investors make is looking to the bank for advice. This is a mistake because the bank has a vested interest, and they won't give you impartial advice that is beneficial to you, the investor. With Bay International It's all about protecting your interests. We invest in properties at a low price that you can eventually sell high and our team has a keen eye for spotting undervalued residential real estate properties within Greater Toronto Area.

The best thing is to do your homework. The more you know about the market, the better able you will be to find a good investment. Residential real estate investing is an area where knowledge really is power. Call or email us today to learn more or to hear about some of our residential investment opportunities.

When it comes to investing in commercial real estate, finding the right property that will reap the most lucrative rewards is the name of the game. Whether you are new to commercial real estate or have owned an income property in the past, Bay International has the tried and tested ways to maximize your success and minimize your risk when playing the market.

Commercial real estate transaction in Toronto are usually a much longer process than the residential transactions. It takes longer to locate, purchase, renovate and sell commercial properties, and because of this, investments should never be rushed at the risk of making bad decisions. With Bay International you're guaranteed that all of our commercial real estate investment opportunities have been thoroughly researched and are in prime GTA locations to achieve maximum investment returns.

If you are thinking of making a commercial real estate investment in the future, talk to one of our advisors. With years of experience in the Greater Toronto Area, we have the expertise, knowledge and insight to help you make the best decisions to get the highest return on your investment. Feel free to contact us anytime for more information about the market in your area.


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